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2 problems with my laptop, please help

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the_kid_a | 16:25 Sun 04th Feb 2007 | Computers
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Ok right..... I have 2 problems with my windows laptop at the moment. Can anyone of you please help me to try and sort it out?

1st problem - I can't install comodo firewall off of my computer. Everytime i click on it in the Add/Remove New Programs, it comes up with a loading bar saying that the uninstall program is loading. But as soon as the bar loads, it goes and and nothing happens. Ive tried it over and over again. I did try to restore the laptop to before i installed the stupid thing, but it says the restoration couldnt complete. How do I get rid of it????

2nd problem - Everytime I load up windows and sign in it takes aaaaaaaaaaages to load, and sometimes it wont. It won't open up and programs in the start menu as it just freezes when you open up the menu. When the start up menu freezes, no matter how long you leave it to load, the only thing you can do is press the power switch and start over again. It might have something to do with the start up programs starting up when i log on (including comodo firewall), but im not sure how to stop them from starting up.

Please try to help me with these problems. My Dad keeps having a go at me as he cant use it the way he would like, and it makes me feel sad :(


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With the first problem, it sounds like the uninstall script is corrupted so, reinstall comodo to exactly the same folder again. This will recreate the install script. Reboot (just in case a reboot is required to complete the installation) and then try to uninstall it again - check to see if there is an uninstall option first, if there is use that to uninstall otherwise use Add/Remove Programs.

Regarding the second question, there are several things to try (in order); for each program that auto starts with windows check to see if there is an option, usually in Options/Preferences, to Start with Windows (or similar wording), if there is untick/uncheck (or whatever is necessary) so that it no longer autostarts. Reboot and check that they no longer autostart.

If there is no option then click Start>Run and type in msconfig and hit enter or click OK. Then click the Startup tab and have a look at what is starting. Untick/uncheck those programs you do not want to autostart then click OK and accept any messages you get. Reboot and see if it is now quicker and all the programs you dont want to start automatically are not starting.

There are some programs that are notorious for installing themselves so that they autostart, Quicktime and Acrobat Reader are two that I can think of off the top of my head, and the msconfig method is the only way I have ever found that stops them autostarting.

If you find a program that you changed does need to autostart, then just reverse theprocess you used to stop it.

I use Winpatrol to control all the Startup items on my PC -

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2 problems with my laptop, please help

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