which laptop is the best of of these two

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christy053 | 10:43 Sat 02nd Dec 2006 | Computers
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hi i am looking for a laptop for christmas and only want a cheapish one to use internet and play games etc:
i have called round many shops and yesterday in currys they said the ADVENT 7109 at 399.99
but i am not familiar with ADVENT and have never heard of them so dont no if i would trust there products so i looked on DELl and found this DELL INSPIRATION 1501 at 399 please can you have a look at the websites for both and tell me whcih one is generally bettr please
thankyou lots and lots


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The dell has a much better processor, but doesn't have a DVD-RW drive. It also only has half the RAM that the advent does (advent is a well-known brand at places like Currys).

Personally I'd go for the Dell, due to the processor.

What games do you play? Neither contain a proper graphics card so won't do too well on games.
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hi on the dell website if you are wanting to buy the dell pc you can personalise it and add what you want and you can add a DVD RW for 35 pound also you can add a graphic card i think but not too sure i play games like sims 2 and syberia but thats it really i will be surfing the net and listning to music
Then you should be fine with the Dell really.

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which laptop is the best of of these two

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