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My 'Wrong Spelling' Underlining Has Fallen Off

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DTCwordfan | 16:49 Tue 27th Feb 2024 | Computers
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Microsoft Word ait backnd, normally, when I type and misspell something, a wavy red line under the word would show, green for grammar. The red one has decided to give up the ghost - therefore how do I bring it back - is it within Word or over in the Microsoft system settings for typing?

Thanks in advance.



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Not sure what version you are on but try FILE->Options->Proofing

Select your choices there and click 'OK'.

This relates to Word 2013 but it's likely to be fairly similar in most other versions of Word:

(Note: If you find that the spell checker is already turned on, even though it's not acually working, try turning it off, restarting Word and then turning it back on again).

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thanks guys.....some error crept in above! 

Question Author

that worked - back on! thanks

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My 'Wrong Spelling' Underlining Has Fallen Off

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