Changing Desktop Display In Win 10

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MichaelZZ | 19:38 Tue 18th Jun 2019 | Computers
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I have recently upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10 and I notice that the titles under my desktop icons are very small. I used to be able to alter all manner of display features when I had Win 7, for example, desktop icon size, icon spacing, icon name font and font size to name but a few. It seems that this facility is not present in Win10 - or am I missing something?


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Try 'right' click on desktop and select 'Personalize' to alter some facets to your liking.
Personally I didn't like windows 10 when I downloaded it. I stick to windows 7.
Just for the record Win 7 support ends in January.
OK thanks for heads up Cryptics.
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The end of support for Win7 in January was my main reason for upgrading to Win 10.
Thanks for your comments, Alice. The "right click" on the desktop worked fine on Win7 and allowed tweaking of just about everything on the desktop. This feature has only very limited functionality in W10. Some apps can be put on tiles on the W10 desktop by clicking on their "Pin to Start" option but this doesn't seem to work for desktop shortcuts and in any case the font / font size appears not to be tweakable.
(As I said, unless I am missing something.)
//and in any case the font / font size appears not to be tweakable.//
As I said go to 'Personalise' select a font you like and then you can increase/decrease the size used
You are right clicking on the desktop s/cut and selecting 'Pin to start'?
Works for me ☺

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Changing Desktop Display In Win 10

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