Editing Text In A J Peg File

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Khandro | 11:25 Fri 14th Jun 2019 | Computers
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I have a file which is an A4 page of text to which I want to make some alterations, how can I do this please?


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As far as i understand,a jpeg file is a compressed image file. This means, the text in it is like a print of text, and won't be able to be edited.
Agree if it's a jpeg it's basically a photo so you can't edit it.
Buenchico will be along hopefully to prove us all wrong.
Very odd my jpeg pics on screen have an "edit/create" option
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I know it can be transferred into another format but don't know how, thought I'd try here first. :0)
It can.. but what you have is a jpeg, which is the end result. It has no layers to it, it's a flat compressed image file.

Do you have photo shop?
Try piZap free on line photo editor.
There are various softwares and online options, I haven't used this but it looks pretty clear and simple
Khandro, i think the best way to make these alterations would be to cover the sentences you wish to hide with a white box, and then type over the white box.

This will be achievable, where as editing the text that is already there will not be.
Adding text is easy. Removing existing takes time & skill, and likely not worth the effort.

If your page is monochrome then maybe that's not so bad. But better to start with the page of text that was most likely turned into a jpeg picture.
That is adding text though, not editing existing text
There you go , half of the original text removed,easy peasy,lol.
You cannot edit text in a jpeg because it is a image of text, not actual typefaces and word processing. You can edit a photo using image edition software, but that can be very fiddly.
I once had to change the American spelling in a contract to English spelling. Essentially replacing z to s and adding the letter u to certain words. That was A4 10pt and it took me the best part of a day.
Optical Image Recognition (OCR) has improved since then, and you may be able to scan the jpeg and convert it to editable text.
Yes removed, not edited.
Can you change the orognal text to something else, that doesn't look pasted on?
And one can't see the join Sparkly
A bit fiddly but you can do it. piZap is brilliant. Also need snipping tool.
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Fitzer; Tried your link and because it's a PUB file it says 'Filetype not allowed'

Sparkly; That site looks interesting but looks daunting and I already have Photoshop.

Because I only want to alter one wrong date on a CV I'll try spath's masking-out idea.

David Hockney said computer technology is fine, but you always end up using scissors
As Gromit says.

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Editing Text In A J Peg File

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