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Laptop Help Please - Programme Won't Open.

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Gizmonster | 19:41 Fri 05th Jan 2018 | Computers
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I have a WD My Passport Ultra (backup drive) and I've regularly used a programme called WD Backup, to back my files up.
However, when I tried last time, I clicked on it to open it, the cursor spun for a second or 2 .... then nothing - it won't open, no matter what I try.
I contacted WD support and they asked me to try the programme on another laptop, so I downloaded it onto my partner's laptop and it runs fine; so they've now told me that the problem is obviously at my end and I should contact Microsoft Support.
I've completely uninstalled the programme from my laptop, using a programme called, Wise Programme Uninstaller" and then re-installed it (from the same place I installed it onto my partner's laptop).
Anyone any ideas why mine won't open; yet the one on my partner's laptop runs fine.
I haven't altered my laptop in any way, but obviously something is amiss.
I've done a virus scan and Malwarebytes scan - nothing found.
I don't get any error messages or anything .... it just won't open.
I have noticed though, that the programme icon does appear in the system tray - but I still can't open it from there.
Any advice please??


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Question Author
Forgot to add I'm using win 10 :)
Which antivirus program are you using?
Question Author
I have Defender running, but I also do regular scans with Trend Micro - the last scan found nothing
It's not the possibility of a virus which I was thinking of but the possibility that your antivirus software is actually what's stopping WD Backup from running. That's exactly what happened here, for example:

Find out where WD Backup is located on your computer. (The simplest way is possibly to click on Start, type 'WD Backup' into the search box, RIGHT-click on the entry which appears above the box, select 'Open File Location' and read the location from the address bar at the top of the window). Then add an exclusion for that location to Windows Defender:

If that doesn't fix the problem, uninstall WD Backup again but using the normal Control Panel route. RESTART YOUR COMPUTER (IMPORTANT). Install and rum CCleaner to clear any old registry entries
RESTART YOUR COMPUTER AGAIN then reinstall WD Backup and cross your fingers!
PS: I don't like the idea of having two antivirus programs on the same computer. (It can potentially do more harm than good). Are you sure that Trend Micro, or a component of it, isn't running in the background at the same time as Windows Defender? That would be a recipe for disaster!
Question Author
Thanks for your help .... but so far all to no avail :(

I downloaded Avast (and checked to make sure that it was running in place of Defender), so I didn't bother with the Defender Exclusions, seeing how it's no longer running.

I uninstalled WD Backup using the control panel method; I've installed CCleaner; then I rebooted; then I ran CCleaner; then rebooted; then reinstalled WD Backup ..... and ..... nothing .... exactly the same as before .... cursor spins for a second .... then nothing ..... driving me mad now lol :(

Any more suggestions please??
Well, given that it was actually Avast which needed an exclusion set in my link above, I'd still like to see that possibility ruled out:

Click the Avast icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. (If it's not visible, click on the little triangular arrow head to 'Show hidden icons'). Click on 'Settings' (bottom left). Click on 'Exclusions'. Click on 'Browse'. Navigate to the location of the folder where WD Backup is and click to put a tick in the box next to it. Click 'OK' twice.

If that doesn't help, go 'Computer' and work your way down the folder where wdbackup.exe (or whatever it's actually called) is located and double-click on it. If it will run from there, right-click on it and create a new shortcut or your desktop.
PS: If all else fails, simply install a different backup program. This is the one which the technical press constantly praise:
(Make sure you deselect the optional extras during installation).
Question Author
Added it to Avast Exclusions - no joy.
I've tried opening it from the actual file source itself, rather than the desktop shortcut.
I know it's a bit drastic, but I'm considering resetting my laptop .....
Question Author
.... although I'll try a different Backup programme before I reset :)
System Restore should come way, way before resetting your laptop in the list of available options!
It used to work but doesn't now. You moved both drive/cable and software to a different computer and it worked there.

Have you installed anything between the time it last worked on yours and now ? (I guess that could include MS updates but I was really thinking of executables that fould be interfering.)
Have you checked the physical connections on your computer ?
If the drive isn't externally powered, is the computer powering more hardware than it used to ?
COULD !!!!!!!!!
Question Author
SIGH ..... back to where I started :(

Tried that alternative Backup programme, but after 30 mins or so, it was still initialising - so ended up uninstalling it.
I installed Avast and various other bits and bobs, but something didn't agree with IE, as it wouldn't work properly, so ended up uninstalling Avast (yea I know IE is tosh, but I play an online game where I need to log on 2 accounts simultaneously and I found IE works best).

As for the connections, etc .... they aren't an issue, as I run the programme without the drive attached. The programme opens fine on my partners' laptop but not on mine. Obviously something is conflicting with the programme - it's just a case of finding out what.
I have other WD programmes installed on my laptop (WD securities and WD Drive Utilities). I think I might try uninstalling all WD-related programmes, then just reinstall WD Backup and see if that works; although everything worked fine before, so I can't see why they should be conflicting with each other now??
Failing that, I'm going to pass my laptop to my brother in law - he's a bit of a whizz with laptops and PC's :)

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Laptop Help Please - Programme Won't Open.

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