No Sound On Ipad

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foxyferret | 14:48 Wed 20th Jan 2016 | Computers
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I have just bought an iPad air2 and even though I get sound on FaceTime, my games all seem to be silent. I have been to the settings and the sound is on, it is also turned on on the games. When I play a demo game there is sound but no sound when actually playing. Please help an iPad novice. I have read thru all the info from Apple but cannot see where I am going wrong.


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I will be absolutely honest and say that I Do Not have any experience of iPads.

Nevertheless, it is possible that the following link could be of assistance to you.

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Your link was very helpful. Sound is now restored. I had the mute button on in the control centre but you link helped me out of it, thank you so much Hans

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No Sound On Ipad

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