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Can Anyone Tell Me How To Get Rid Of E-Bay On The Search Bar

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askyourgran | 23:39 Thu 05th Mar 2015 | Computers
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I can't get rid of e-bay on the search bar of my firefox home page, everything I ask for takes me to e-bay, wouldn't care I never look at e-bay. Any help appreciated. Thank you.


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If you click on the Magnifying glass icon in the search bar it should cay 'Change Search Settings' there you can deselect Ebay and choose your search providers..... Good Luck
I am assuming you are using Google as your Search Engine. If so, put your mouse pointer on the Ebay box and right click, then in drop down Menu click Delete.

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I'm using Firefox brower (although I do have Internet Explorer as well). There is no Magnifying glass that I can see, and I can't seem to get rid of the ebay on the search bar.
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Sorry I don't have one. The search bar I'm talking about is the one in the middle of the home page underneath the Firefox logo ebay seems to be permanently in that box. There isn't a magnifying glass around there or on the top bar. Help.
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The magnifying glass had disappeared from the Firefox start page, now it has suddenly reappeared and I have been able to disable ebay from the search bar. Thanks for your help. Don't know why that happened my Pc has been behaving oddly for a couple of days.

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Can Anyone Tell Me How To Get Rid Of E-Bay On The Search Bar

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