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Security Cameras.

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Farriercm | 22:18 Tue 18th Mar 2014 | Computers
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I Have installed two security cameras at my house, which are IP Wireless. I need to open a port via my internet supplier, they want to charge me an extra tenner a month for doing this , is this normal procedure or just the usual rip off?.


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They are presumably charging you for a static IP Address - I can't see any other reason for an extra charge.

Some providers do it for free, some for £5 a month, BT charge a tenner - you need to look around if you feel £10 is too dear.
I have 2 that just have an internal IP address.

Mine are the Maginon ones that Aldi sold (got mine last year, they were selling them again this eek I think)

There was the option to make them public - I opted just to have them email me when thye detect motion.

Just waiting for my hedgehogs to reappear and the cameras will be back in use.

If you post make and model you might get more help.
This is what I use.
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The Two Cameras are Wan scam wireless IP, and stamped on the box is A J Cowa c116, and they were a nightmare to install.
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Security Cameras.

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