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Updating Computers Drivers

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bluebird34 | 14:37 Sun 29th Sep 2013 | Computers
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I have had a message that I need to update my drivers (Windows 7), I have tried several sites that say update free and end up being asked for my card details. Do I have to pay and if so any ideas the best site to do it from thank you


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This is more than likely a scam. If you need any updates for windows, it will do it automatically.
Z-M is correct.

From where did the message come ? Was there an address or something.?

DON'T part with any money and DON't give out your card details to unknown sites.

What drivers has the message said you need to up-date.?

Are you able to copy and paste the message into this thread.?

Do nothing until you have posted further into this thread for additional advice.


run Malwarebytes - look for my post
for instructions
I have had the same message which originates from Norton. I no longer use Norton so am now going to delete this from my computer.
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Hi it came from mcafee which i no longer use, I thought it may be wrong so have ignored it. No worries about giving my card details I am always very careful about that, but thanks for all your advice that is why I use this site unbiased and very very useful thanks all xx
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If you want to update your drivers download and run Slim Drivers Free. It will scan your computer and list all of the out of date drivers and ask you which ones you wish to update and then you just click on the ones you need and it will download them and install them. Be very careful only install the ones that are giving you a problem lave the others alone.

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Updating Computers Drivers

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