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craft1948 | 14:18 Wed 22nd May 2013 | Computers
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I use IE10 and have my settings so that when I log off it clears my browsing history etc except for my cookies.
Since switching from IE9 to IE10 I now find that when I've had my computer in 'Sleep' mode I often come back to find (but not always) that I have to re-input all my passwords to various sites all over again.
Any clues please, as I say this didn't happen in IE9.


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Do you get the prompt box that says something like 'do you want this password remembering for this site'?
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Mrs_O I have all my passwords 'remembered' except on my banking sites.
Ah ok. Sorry, I don't know what to suggest then.

Hopefully one of the geeks will be along shortly to solve your problem ;-)
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Cheers anyway Mrs Overhang..........
From what I have read on the Internet, this is one of the failings of IE 10.

Dare I suggest that it will not happen with Firefox which is a better browser and is my preference for default purposes. Alternatively, there is always Google Chrome and it is worthwhile trying-out alternative Browsers as additional to IE 10; or even reverting to IE 9 which was meeting your requirements.

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Thanks Al, I may go back to IE9 if this is an IE10 glitch..........
It's a simple matter to revert to IE 9 because upon un-installing IE 10 your computer will return automatically to your previous edition of Internet Explorer; but will require a 'Shut-down' to complete matters.

Best wishes....Al.
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Thanks Al.............
You cannot use IE9 as Microsoft have made it the one to use with Windows 7 and 8 and if you try to install IE9 it wont let you. My advice to you is to reinstall IE10 again and don't change any of the settings from default as these are good as they are. I have found that if you change settings then you have issues.IE 10 is the best browser to prevent malware infections in the latest tests it got 99.96% detection rate Firefox only got 8.62 %

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