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Charger Battery Problem Toshiba Nb200-10G Netbook

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country_pumpkin | 14:54 Wed 08th May 2013 | Computers
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Hi not sure what the problem is but my netbook has died on me if i plug charger in it doesnt light up on netbook and no power seems to be getting to it.ive tried a different charger and nothing except the charger does light up..the charger buzzes as soon as plugged into is this battery charger or charging socket problem any ideas anyone.p.s both chargers make buzzing sound when plugged into netbook.


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I know very little about so called 'Netbooks'. However,are you still able to use your netbook in any way.? If you are, then please provide as much detail as possible. Have you posted your present question via the netbook.?

It could be a battery fault if the netbook still works when plugged into the mains socket.

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no the netbook doesnt work even when mains is just in and the battery even if taken out and just on mains still nothing, basically what ever i seem to do other then a buzzing from the charger there no lights or noises from netbook
Hopefully, I am trying to be helpful. Is the following link of any assistance.?

How old is the netbook...because things don't last indefinitely.


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Charger Battery Problem Toshiba Nb200-10G Netbook

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