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anaxcrosswords | 11:52 Wed 08th May 2013 | Computers
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I used to use Nitro PDF as it was free (no longer free, alas). The online converter does still exist but it just failed - twice - to convert a pretty straightforward Word doc; just a crossword grid and clues.
Anyone know of a reliable free alternative?


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I don't use it but what about this:

(or screen grab your document if it's a single page?).
Doh... Primo is Nitro. Sorry.
i use PDF Creator and, when installed, it appears in the list of printers when you go to print whatever you want converted
If you have office 2010 or later you can just select save as and then select PDF as the file type, it's built into 2010 and 2013.

If you have 2007 there's an official addon from MS that installs the same feature.

IF you have an earlier version (or want to print to PDF from other programs) then I recommend cutepdf
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Thanks all.
Sadly my copy of Word is the neolithic 2002 so there's no choice but to use a secondary PDF creator. Have installed PDF Creator which seems to work OK, even though I get an error message when I use it (it still outputs the file though).
I think part of the problem is I have about 4 different creators I've downloaded at various, all of which have eventually failed to work properly. They tend to leave unwanted file remnants which mess up new installations but, as I said, the one I've just installed seems to cope despite that.
Cute pdf is the best of the free converters.
You can download and use the free version of FOXIT READER and use it as it will do all that you need.

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