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HowardKennitby | 12:56 Sun 14th Oct 2012 | Computers
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Hi all

I sometimes stream video on to my PC.
Most time this is OK in the default small window.
If/when I switch to full screen mode it can start
to pixelate and to miss frames and freeze etc.

Due to the fact that it is OK at the small screen I
infer that the data is coming through fast enough. The
problems at full screen will then be due to something
at my end not being able to process data fast enough.

My computer system data

CPU = Intel P4 @ 2.53GHz (Northwood)

OS = Win XP Home + SP3

RAM = 2GB of DDR (PC2700)

Video = GeForce 6200 with 512MB

Display = 1920 x 1080 @32bit

Can anyone advise which bits of the system will be
causing the bottleneck?




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When I upgraded my RAM to 4GB, this problem solved itself - barring at some sites where the download is just not fast enough.
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thanks for that. Not an option for me.
Have you upgraded your graphics card drivers, that might help
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