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carlton23 | 16:08 Mon 27th Aug 2012 | Computers
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Last week I ordered two C41 refills for my Canon MP220 printer and printed off two collages of flowers and one of my pet bird having a bath in a large plant saucer, but to my amazement one is already empty. I realise a collarge uses more ink due to the colour content, but `blimey`, thems expensive piccy`s, and not for me, but for pressies.



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This is why you are better off with a printer that uses separate cartridges for each of the colours. With the multi cartridges, it only needs one colour to run out, and you're stuffed.
Following a marathon photo printing session over this weekend – I installed my last magenta cartridge in my Epson ink jet printer – and ordered another 15 replacement cartridges [double capacity from ebay] for less than £7.50 - post free.

Why pay more!!!!!
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Cheers Rojash and Hymie, I didn`t realise that. Next Eptom jet.
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Whoops, just rembered, I may be pushing up daisys by then.
Before purchasing any ink jet printer – check that there is a plentiful supply of cheap compatibles available on ebay.

My S21 printer cost around £35 - the 15 cartridges (at less than £7.50) probably contain close to £200 worth of ink, if it was the genuine stuff.
Hi Hymie.
I`ve used compatible inks in a Epson printer some years ago,and they completly ruined the printers head,had to dump it as to replace the head would have cost more than a new printer. I now stick to genuine Epson ink.
Hi Hymie,again.
I too ordered a Magenta ink cartridge from "Amazon" Got it this week.
Cost me, with p&p, over £11.00!! What`s this ink made of gold!
I have an Epson D92 for the very small amount of colour printing I do. I get compatibles from local shop and have had no trouble so far.
Not as cheap as buying on-line but since I do so little colour work it wouldn't bother me if I had to use branded stuff.

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