Am I right in thinking this is a scam?

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BlueScorpion | 10:54 Wed 26th Oct 2011 | Computers
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I've had a phone call from someone claiming that my PC has downloaded some potentially dangerous items, and they wanted me to log on so they could check it out. Being a naturally suspicious so-and-so I asked first where they were calling from & how they knew my PC might have a problem, they were vague but said that Microsoft passed the information to them. This seemed highly unlikely to me, apart from anything else I don't believe I've contacted microsoft since we moved over a year ago so how would they have my phone number. I said no thank you & put the phone down.

Is this another scam to hack into & steal personal info?


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yes it is
Definitely a scam.
You did the right thing .
I just tell them I'm running Linux and not Microsoft and they seem to lose interest.
Is this still going on?

started a year or so ago

Must be the run up to Christmas again people about to buy on line
You did exactly the right thing.
Although you can have some fun if you ask them to name your Internet Provider........:o)
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I was pretty sure it was, but afterwards wondered if I'm just too cynical
There was a story in Which magazine this month where a woman got one of these calls, and paid £415 to have the problem fixed, and for lifetime PC support !!!

These are well known scams and I have had at least half a dozen of these calls in the last 6 months.

The last women who rang and told me I had a fault on my PC I shouted down the phone "you lying b*****d".

A few minutes later she rang me back and told ME off for swearing at her, even thjough she was trying to scam me.
Yes, definitely.
How would they know what you've downloaded? Microsoft wouldn't pass on anything anyway.
They are either trying to get personal details of you by trying to get you to allow remote access to your pc or attempt to install a keylogger.
I've had this a couple of times, just put the phone down.
My normal response is 'That's interesting? I'm running Linux how would Microsoft know or care?' shouldn't be so rude then VHG :-)
yep...a common one...

i often keep them on the line to waste their time and money, pretending i am following what they are saying etc and playing dumb
>>>I was pretty sure it was, but afterwards wondered if I'm just too cynical

I am afraid we all need to be cynical about anyone who phone us "out the blue", or knocks on our front door, or any unusual email we get.

It pays to treat ALL of these with suspicion because there are loads of scammers out there.

NEVER give personal or financial information, or userid and passwords, to ANYONE who phones you up.

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Am I right in thinking this is a scam?

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