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DrFilth | 16:19 Thu 07th Jul 2011 | Computers
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if you are on street view google maps is it possible to save the picture to your computer so that you can print a copy

ie this pub,41.98,,0,-17.82


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Press prt scrn (print screen) then open paint and select paste from the edit menu.
Apparently not DrFilth- but
if you click on this link

Then Right click on the image. Then click on View Background Image. Then click on Save Image As.

Job done!
can't you just print it out same as you would any other page, without having to save it?
There is even a little printer icon above the image (on the right) for doing just that, jno :)
Question Author
sir prize thank you that worked

chuck don't think i have paint i am on a laptop , windows vista, i will have another look

the reason i want a picture is the pub used to be called the big bradford and it has been pulled down , nice pub few years back
there used to be another one near it called the little bradford which changed its name to the why not ( that got pulled down a few years back but i have a photo )

when the new season starts i know a few blues who will say

where the F**** is the pub :)
Question Author
i will have to learn to type faster will have a look now jno and chuck
well, that's what I thought, Chuck. But I guess DrF wants to keep a copy and print it out sometime in the future.
"don't think i have paint"

Paint is a standard part of all version of windows since version 1.0... it's on the start menu under accessories
Google offer a great printing service, if you click the print button it will offer you directions in which it'll let you insert maps at any point you like. Good for giving maps, street views etc of "tricky bits" which might not make sense after a couple of hours on a motorway.
"when the new season starts i know a few blues who will say

where the F**** is the pub :)"

Question Author
thanks for your help
first picture printed just the little top right hand corner
second picture i altered paper sixe to 6 x 4 and it printed just a little picture dead centre of the paper

and now i am running out of ink so will have to leave till asda get some more in

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