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Why did England fail to land the World Cup in 2018?

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Uberloitenment | 17:09 Thu 02nd Dec 2010 | Sport
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Some say its because country's no longer respect England

Are England reallly on their way down as some say - deluding themselves that they are still a great nation while their team performs badly in South Africa and hasn't won anything since 1966?

Their unlikely trio of Cameron, Prince 'let's party' William and not-too-bright (allegedly) David Beckham were a source of amusement for many countries but did they help or hinder England? (Doesn't look as if they were much help)

Vladimir Putin meanwhile stays dignified in his own homeland as his country takes the World Cup and it could be decades before England has another chance.

What does everyone think?


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Maybe we didn't grease enough palms?
Re para one, what has Russia won in the same period?? I'm more concerned with should I write "has Russia won" or "have Russia won", the noun's singular but it sounds odd.
That's how concerned I am!
I agree with Sandy -as much as said that on the other thread.ive seen that Russian Mafia in action in Bulgaria and for as much as it seems a laugh its not when you see the big boys and that was only in Sunny Beach !! They were buildling hotels -so yeah I would have handed it to them on a platter...
it's gone to the country with the tamest press. Print anything Putin doesn't like and you're in trouble, so there won't be any exposes of Fifa bribery coming out of Moscow.
I think becks worked his ass off the past week traveling from Aussie etc.
I don't think the problems at Birmingham FC last night helped either.
Looks like Becks has missed out on a Knighthood.
Why does it have to be regarded as an English failure; why not think of it as a Russian success?
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bibblebub I see it as both
i think the BBC programme Panorama about the bribary allegations in F.I.F.A was aired too soon , it must have affected the voting
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brian j john they had to aire it before the vote to have maximum impact. No point covering it up until afterwards as no one would notice or care then
If it`s an English failure, it`s also a Spanish/Portuguese/Belgian/Dutch failure
-- answer removed --
England never got past the first Stage voting and only got 2 Votes ! Something lacking somewhere as it goes much deeper than presentation which may have been good but not good enough. Too much complacency, taking it for granted that it was in the bag......'Counting Chickens' comes to mind.
Blatter wants places that have not hosted yet to start having the World Cup.

Expect the 2026 World Cup to be held at the North Pole.
Моё судно на воздушной подушке полно угрей
So your hovercraft is full of eels, is it Naz?
... the only phrase you'll ever need :-)))
Did any one see Parky on breakfast? He said that the most important thing was the corruption issue (seemed to believe it) and beside that, the bid, anybody's bid was irrelevant and I agree.
Please, TTG, whats wrong with the South least there is more solid ground beneath the ice.

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Why did England fail to land the World Cup in 2018?

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