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Time To Dump "The Bid" ?

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joggerjayne | 10:35 Tue 30th Nov 2010 | Sport
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Surely we don't now seriously WANT the World Cup ?

We don't want anything to do with FIFA, do we ?

The UK Govt have told us that the World Cup will bring money into Britain. They have bandied around words like ... Tourism, Souvenirs, Visitors, Employment.

But ... it turns out that they have done NO calculations. Only the Dutch Govt have done any calculations, and they calculate that hosting a World Cup results in a HUGE loss.

As to bringing prosperity to the Nation ... all the money from South Africa was filtered back to Zurich ... no surprise there.

So ... let's forget the ridiculous myth about a World Cup being good for prosperity.

Hosting the World Cup will cost the UK 100's of £m's ... and we simply haven't got it.

Is it time to dump the bid, before Thursday's vote sets us off on a 7 year slide to national financial catastrophe ??


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They said on the radio today that our bid has cost £15 million!
Question Author
And that's just administering the bid !

Imagine the cost of administering a World Cup tournament !!

Terry Venables said we could "do it tomorrow".

Sure, if we were willing to throw a few £100m at it.

Personally, if they have enough money floating around to pay for the World Cup, I'd rather they spent it on hospitals, and let Russia have the games.
What did Panorama say that wasn't already known? All these bids are corrupt, especially the Olympics, remember the Winter Olympics in Utah?
Tell us something we don't know BBC!
Question Author
I've always maintained that North America does not understand the Olympics ethos.

North American Olympic Games are always a disaster ...

Utah, Vancouver (bad luck with the weather, but why award the Winter Olympics to a city with such unreliable conditions), and ...

... the worst of all Olympic Games EVER held ... Atlanta !!! (*heart sinks at the memory of it*).

And before anyone says it, yes ... Los ANgeles was an exception.
At this to avoid having to qualify for the finals of a world cup ?

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Time To Dump "The Bid" ?

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