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aka Mike Basset
A new manager couldn't make a silk purse out of those pigs' ears.
We need an English Manager to manage our National side. No more Foreign Coaches !
Unless we wait a couple of years until Jose Mourinho is free..... he seems to have the knack of getting great things out of average players.... Harry seems to have a touch of this... so he'd be my second choice....
It's a poison chalice, he'd be mental to take it on.
We cannot afford to get rid of Capello. A few days before the team departed for South Africa, his contract was renegotiated and a clause that enabled either party to walk away without penalties up to 2 weeks after the world cup was removed.

That means his contract runs to after Euro 2014. The only way to remove him before then is to buy out his contract at £12million.

The FA are short of money due to the drain of funding the new Wembly.
The players aren't good enough, so it doesn't matter who the manager is.
One day the penny will drop.

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Harry Redknapp

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