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lesblue | 17:03 Fri 06th Mar 2009 | Sport
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1. How many English Classics did Lester Piggott win?
2. How many caps did Bobby Charlton win?
3. How many (singles) Grand Slam events did Pete Sampras win?
4. How many Majors did Jack Nicklaus win?
5. How many horses managed to beat Red Rum in the Grand National?
6. How many years passed between Chelsea's first and second title wins?
7. How many balls did it take Yuvraj Singh to score the fastest 50 in twenty20 cricket?
8. How many times has Phil Taylor won the Darts World title?
9. How many goals did Gary Lineker score for England?
10. What shirt number did Eric Cantona wear at Leeds during 92/93 season?


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Hi Les, like it. I'll have a go

1. 30

2. 108

3. 14

4. 18

5. 2??

6. 50

7. Don't know. Will have to look that up

8. 14

9. 48

10. Don't remember that
7. Steve's right, just 12. Awesome. Included six sixes in an over.

10. According to my Rothmans he wore 7 for the first 7 games, then 8 for four more before going tp Man U, where he wore 7 again.

Thanks Les, interesting quiz

A correction to Question 2 - its 106, not 108. It was Bobby Moore that got 108 caps.
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OK. Firstly, question 10 appears to have thrown up a problem. I have it on good authority that Cantona wore the number 14 shirt at Leeds, but on checking it appears that squad numbering didn't come in until 93/94 when, of course, he was at Man United. So, having sacked my researcher, the answers to the others (I think are correct) are as follows:
1. 30
2. 106
3. 14
4. 18
5. 2 (finished second in 1975 and 76)
6. 50
7. 12 (WOW)
8. 14
9. 48
10. See above.

Well done all.

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