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Stewards Enquiry At Aintree

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porkchop | 09:47 Fri 12th Apr 2024 | Sport
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I watched a race in Aintree yesterday in which a stewards enquiry was called involving three horses. One of the horses, Bob Olinger was beaten by a nose and appeared to be interfered by the declared winner on at least two occasions. If Bob Olinger had been given a clear passage he would have won, Bob Olinger did not interfere with any other horse in the race and yet he was the one who lost out. Maybe i am not as clever as these three wise stewards who made the decision not to change the result but it would appear that this time they were wrong. Any other opinion?



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Impaire Et Passe also interfered with the 3rd horse, Langer Dan, carrying it left for a good few yards before Langer Dan was forced to check it's run momentarily, switching right to conti ue it's challenge.

My ill-gotten was on Bob Olinger and i thought the stewards had good cause to throw the fav out and place it 3rd given the very close finish (nose and short head). However, i have come to realise over the years that stewards are reluctant to disqualify a well-backed fav at major meetings. Had this been at Sedgefield, say, they would most likely have amended the result, imho.

Interfering with a horse?  Is that not illegal?


Not if it's consensual.

I believe that the horse has the advantage of size.

mounting blocks are available 😁

The jockey always gets a leg over.

  It is difficult to determine when aggressive riding turns into cheating, it is subjective. Do some jockeys need a help when mounting a horse?.

Yes - lots of jockeys are not too tall, they often get a "leg up" (but they can dismount easily).

I don't think it's necessarily aggressive riding but if a jockey simply fails to control his ride & in doing so adversely affects other contenders then it's a foul...

Langer Dan gets it's chance of revenge today in the 4.10 Sandown.

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Stewards Enquiry At Aintree

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