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Sprint And Running Training

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drobi619 | 06:34 Tue 26th Sep 2023 | Sport
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I am not a runner and working to improve my running and sprinting. If I had access to a treadmill do you think I could try running 5km(3.13miles) and 2.4km(1.5miles) at a speed of 7mph? 

For my sprinting I want to work on short sprints of 40m and 20m and get them to under 6s and 3s. Then for the 400m and 800m I want to be at 1:15min and 2:45min. Do you think by uing a treadmill I can get these times right away as a non runner?

Please let me know your thoughts and how I should be able to get there. I will have to see what I can do curently next time I have treadmill access. 



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No idea if you can achieve those times on a treadmill - I don't know your fitness level.

Start slowly, build up your stamina and try fartlek to build up your speed.  


You'd probably need a really good treadmill. Do you know of any?

Running 800m in 2:45min is close to a 6 minute mile pace (10mph); while elite athletes can run at a 4 minute mile pace – during my younger/fitter days (using a treadmill) I could run at a 6 minute mile pace for 10 minutes.

As a non-runner, I doubt very much you could run for 800m at a 6 minute mile pace, but with exercise your ability to run faster times should improve.

If you have never run before why not follow the Couch to 5K and worry about speed when you can run that far.

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Sprint And Running Training

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