Another Sports Person Dies Quite Young

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piggynose | 18:28 Thu 17th Jun 2021 | Sport
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This time i know she died in 2017. I found this on the same page as the andy murray defeat.
So why is this being reported now? Did i miss something in the article?


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As sunny-dave explained yesterday, it's not being 'reported now'.

The BBC website is simply showing a link to another tennis related item that may interest you, no matter when it was first published.
There was a tribute to her yesterday during the Queens coverage. Perhaps the page had been getting more traffic than usual as a result.
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It was on that page lynne.
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Also why was 2017 such a special year?
Maybe i'll google it.
Maybe you've got an old computer! :-)
// Maybe you've got an old computer! :-)//
wivva long memory ! hur hur hur
girlie probably
Chrissakes this is not new,Artery%20Disease%20(Panel%20F).

from 2003. (New England article on sudden death in young athletes )
I usually browse through this page on Wiki.
peter - not a sudden death, but cancer
Lilian Board 1968 or thereabouts

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Another Sports Person Dies Quite Young

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