Queen’S Club Spoilers

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Cloverjo | 19:46 Sun 23rd Jun 2019 | Sport
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What a lovely week of tennis.
Great to see Andy back on a tennis court, and winning. Fabulous for Deliciano to win doubles and singles.
I watched the Men's Singles this afternoon. Brilliant match, really gripping.
Really enjoyable. Looking forward to Wimby!
Yes congrats to Andy and double congrats to Lopez!!
Well done boys.
That's ma boy !
Deliciano - what a wonderfully apt way to describe him :-D

He's bumped a few of my heart-throbs down the list
Yes hope he does well at Wimberdon
Surprised and amazed to see him win, not only because of Murray's troubles but also because Lopez must have been exhausted from his own incredible run in the singles. But they both pulled off something remarkable. I can't pretend that I'm not far happier for Murray than I am for Lopez, being a Murray fan after all -- but well done both!

I wonder now what the future holds for Murray, whether he'll be able to have a successful "second career", almost, now that his hip woes are over. I don't expect him to go on and dominate in the Doubles -- hard to do that these days anyway, with the shortened format -- but maybe he has another few years left in him after all.

Finally something to be optimistic about!
Well, I don't like tennis but I'm sure I enjoyed a Deliciano a while back - 2 scoops, a Flake, a drizzle of sauce & some crushed nuts, no?
Some very good tennis. I'm looking forward to wobblybum.
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Judy Murray famously called him Deliciano - to the embarrassment of Andy. A very apt name for him. I’d never taken too much notice of him before. After his performance at Queen’s I think he’s got a new legion of British fans.

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Queen’S Club Spoilers

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