The 'haves' And 'have Nots' Of Football.

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Ken4155 | 17:05 Fri 24th May 2019 | Sport
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Many look at footballers and think they're all millionaires when the truth for many is quite the opposite. I've just listened to an interview in which Bury's Nicky Adams told the interviewer the players hadn't been paid since the end of March, and then only because the PFA stepped in. Despite winning promotion this season, this little club are in danger of becoming extinct. As are their near neighbours Bolton who even opened a food bank for unpaid members of staff and had to forfeit one of their end of season matches because they couldn't guarantee the funds to have it policed correctly.
Meanwhile, close neighbours Man City and Man Utd are no doubt deliberating on which player(s) to shell out mega-millions on and, on Monday, Derby take on Villa in the £170m showdown. T'was it ever thus? I do remember my lot having to sell our best player every other season just to survive -and we were one of the better teams at the time, just smaller than most. What could be done to ensure our smaller clubs do not end up having to close shop?


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Just waiting for the upcoming day.that's it.
From Bolton's chairman:
" I hear all this rubbish about not being paid for months, that’s what it is RUBBISH wages have been paid every month in increments as we could (given our Bank is frozen) its all lies/propaganda being spread to cause unrest by certain people and I’m told who peddle it now on the radio, if the work I have been doing finalises by Fri/Tue all staff will be paid in full with NOTHING outstanding or owed"

Full statement:

While the 'big boys' can largely rely upon TV rights and sponsorship to bring in much of their income, clubs like Bury have to depend upon getting bums on seats. There is far less interest these days in watching football from the lower leagues than there used to be. (ITV Digital went bust because it paid for the rights to broadcast matches such as Bury v Forest Green Rovers and then found out that nobody wanted to watch them). That might be, in part, due to successful 'image marketing' by clubs like Manchester United. For example if the kids on a playground are all asking each other about which teams they support, there will be ready acceptance (even from the fans of rival clubs) to answers such as "Man United", "Man City", "Arsenal", "Chelsea", "Real Madrid" or "Barcelona" but any kid who admits to supporting Bury or Cambridge United will probably be subjected to merciless taunting for months to come.

The attendance figures for Bury's games this season are here:
While they occasionally passed the 5000 threshold which some observers have suggested is the minimum average attendance to keep a professional club afloat, there have been some League Two games where fewer than 3000 fans turned up (and it seemed hardly worth them opening the gates for their EFL Trophy matches).
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Thankfully, many of the kids on the playgrounds around here are proud and content to wear the Claret and Blue and not sport Utd or City shirts, as they did a few years back. we have a lower league team on our doorstep - Accy Stanley - and it's a pity they aren't getting more bums on seats. My brother and i used to go and watch them on a regular basis when they were playing non-league football because they played quite a lot of their games during the week or on a Friday night. For those who live in the Greater Manchester area, surely seats at Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, etc, are more attainable that at United or City.
As for the Chairman's statement, i prefer to believe Nicky Adams' version of events. It was mentioned that if the players pay is delayed much longer, the club will be in breach of contract and the players will become free agents. Such a mess.
When Buenchico said " From Bolton's chairman: .." I think he meant Bury's chairman
If it's north of Watford, I get lost!

(Thanks for the correction, anyway)
Don't you live north of Watford, Chris?
Sell more pies.
I think "the haves and have nots" is a pertinent question in these days of sexual self-definition: who has what and how well is it hidden?

There's not enough money, of course, in "women's" football to persuade Bury's best striker to become a woman and join Man City's Ladies.

But it's only a matter of time before the world's 200th seeded male tennis player decides he's a woman and beats Venus Williams or whomever in straight sets (only three of them, of course under the strange interpretation of "equal" treatment) at Wimbledon. That's worth about two million quid, isn't it?
So ... if I understand correctly; its all lies, fake news being peddled by those who are wondering why their bank account hasn't seen an expected deposit for a while ?

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The 'haves' And 'have Nots' Of Football.

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