Eng-Er-Land - A Good Performance?

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AB Editor | 08:59 Mon 16th Jun 2014 | Sport
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While it was a disappointing score at the end of the game I must say that it was really nice to see England playing some proper football. My usual position while watching England is to have my head in my hands as they waste time when a goal down passing it along a back four of old men - for no discernible reason.

It was good stuff vs. Italy and I'd like to see us keep playing that way!

Am I alone in this strange, warm, good feeling I have towards the current England team?


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No. I thought they played really well. It was like watching a completely different team.
You must have watched a different game from me!
I thought we were totally clueless apart from give the ball to Sterling and see what comes of it.
\\\Am I alone in this strange, warm, good feeling I have towards the current England team?\\

I presume you mean their chance of continuing in the World Cup?.....;-)

It is as good as it'e going to get young Ed, desist from playing Rooney on the left and get him in a more striker's role and into the penalty area.

Uruguay are for the taking.
A totally different approach from 2010 when we had a negative defensive attitude.
imo we were the best team on the night and deserved at least a draw.

Rooney has more lives than a cat. I would have took him off, put on Luke Shaw and let Baines push forward. Rooney looked clueless, I get sick of hearing how versatile he is because...he isn't.
Lallana in rooney out may get somewhere then
No loss counts as a good performance really since it was not up to the job. That said there were periods of the game they seemed in control but could not make it count more than once. At the end of the game it's balls in the back of the net that counts, and we are all sick as a parrot.
were they the better team on the night? of course not, the better team put more of their chances away
Question Author
I thought Rooney actually redeemed himself on the left? But then, I've always said that leaving him out to be a lone striker was pointless for England - and that he'd be better off playing as an attacking midfielder creating chances as much as finishing them.! no! I didn't mean for him to be a "lone striker" him up front just behind and playing off...Sturridge.
Then play Sterling out on the wing where he plays for Liverpool.

Note: Van Persie played in a conventional centre forward role for Holland with Robbens out wide and they pulled the Spanish tow centre backs all over the place.
'' rooney '' made one goal. the commentators ( including boring nev ) kept saying how uncomfortable/unhappy he was in the position he was playing. take him of the field then.
I have to disagree .Ed. Other than the cross for the goal he was a chocolate fireguard. If Baines was stood on Bell Rock naked he could not have been more exposed.

I don't think Roy has the balls to drop him so expect a reshuffle.
Roy should definitely drop Rooney - he must be an embarrassment to the rest of the team. The press and the commentators keep on coming up with excuses and reasons for his pathetic displays
In my opinion he has never performed well for England
Leaving out Rooney may not be a bad thing really. He's had his chance(s).

For those with long memories, remember 1966! Jimmy Greaves was, without doubt, our best striker. He was dropped for the final in favour of Geoff Hurst . . . and what happened?
if my memory serves me right greaves was injured, not dropped
He was injured in the group game versus France. His replacement, Geoff Hurst, scored the winner in the quarter-final against Argentina and kept his place all the way to the final. Greaves was fit to play in the final, but manager Alf Ramsey opted against changing a winning team. Hurst scored a hat-trick!
i know sir.prize, i remember the hat trick like it was yesterday :-)
As our expectations were low (at least, those of us with any sense) perhaps we were both surprised and a little impressed by how we fared. I actually had us down for a 1-1 @ 11/2 and 2-2 @ 18/1 and, to be totally honest, i think we deserved something out of the game. Yes the Italians took their chances better than us but, imho, the difference between the two teams was the peerless Pirlo. What would we give for a player of his talent?
Forgot to add that i think Hodgson got a little carried away with the 'youth' element in that when we needed an 'impact sub' he sent on Lallana and not Lambert.
Roy said "Damn - I knew it began with L"
remember 1966........................ :)

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Eng-Er-Land - A Good Performance?

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