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Winter Games Day -18

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joggerjayne | 10:57 Mon 20th Jan 2014 | Sport
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Of course we have lots of fab athletes going to the Winter Games.

But our spiritual figurehead ... is Chemmy.

A bit of a bug bear of mine is that the British Olympic authorities will spend £Bn's (literally) hosting the Games, but won't even divvy up to send our team to Sochi. I mean, what the f***!

So, while teams from other countries are concentrating on training, Chemmy is concentrating on raising enough money from donations and sponsorship to pay for her travel, hotel rooms, nutrition, etc.

I made a donation, so maybe Chemmy will have an AnswerBank sponsorship logo on her ski suit. And if anyone wants to go to the Games, you can stay in the AB sponsored bedroom. But you'll have to share with Chemmy and me. Sorry.

Anyway, that's my morning rant. All the billions that we throw at sports ... we should be paying for our Winter Games stars to go to Sochi.

E. Sussex


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///But you'll have to share with Chemmy....///

where do I sign?

Question Author
Wotcha, mushers x
Question Author
Here, for mushroom, is the famous "Chemmy gets her kit off" video.
is there a""JJ" gets her kit off dvd!!
Question Author
Only on the Sussex Constabulary CCTV records.
lol JJ bet its worth watching
Does Ms Alcott get no money at all JJ, or is it just that she gets nothing from the Olympic organisation?
Question Author
It all happens on Brighton beach at midnight, lol

Except on the Friday before Christmas, obviously, when some poor girl got swept out to sea.

Hang on, we're sort of getting away from the Winter Olympics topic.
i think Lizzy Yarnold (skeleton) will defo win a medal
Question Author
Well, Team GB are the reigning Gold Medal holders in the women's Skeleton.

So she's defending the GB title.
Question Author
Well, she has sponsors, shoota, and I expect they get something from the Olympic association, but they have to pay a lot themselves.

I don't know how or why the sports authorities expect Team GB to do well, when they get so little support. It's hard enough coming from a country with no real practice facilities, but to then be expected to take an EasyJet winter break just to get to the Games ... Grrr!!

The trouble is, too much of the money in sport goes to sports like football, in which our poncy prima dona team win sod all, rather than winter sports, in which we sometimes get a Gold medal.
The trouble is, too much of the money in sport goes to sports like football, in which our poncy prima dona team win sod all, rather than winter sports, in which we sometimes get a Gold medal"
well said JJ couldn't agree more!
Agree about football JJ - bunch of hairdresser's assistants who fall over clutching themselves at any opportunity. Should get nothing at all from any public funds.

Is Skeleton the "sliding down a scary ice track on a tea tray" one?
it is dave, i'd love to have a go in the 4 man bobsleigh love watching that!
Question Author
That's the one, Dave.

Those roll-around, ouch you hurt me, namby pamby footballers should be made to watch some of Chemmy's videos. When you've seen someone bouncing head over heels down a steep sheet of ice like a rag doll at 90mph with their leg bone in two pieces, nursing two vertebrae which she broke as a child, then you should ask yourself ... is falling over on that grassy pitch REALLY all THAT painful ???
Question Author
Actually, you'd only have to see my hips and arms at the moment to see how hard the surface is on a ski piste. Call me Miss Purple!
Am I right in thinking that she was getting funding but it was stopped when she broke her leg?
Question Author
I don't think any GB alpine skiers get any support from IK Sport, shoota. Chemmy even had to pay for own rehabilitation after sustaining a serious injury, competing for GB.

They love it when she's winning competitions in her Team GB outfit. When she gets injured, they say ... sorry love, you're on your own.
Question Author
*UK* Sport
I'm having problems sorting out the situation by googling, it does seem that she has been treated shabbily but playing the devils advocate I suppose those with the purse strings have to be guided by hard logic rather than loyalty to a person who may not be 100% fit - wrong though that is.

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Winter Games Day -18

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