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20 Years Ago Today

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ChillDoubt | 23:48 Sun 24th Feb 2013 | Sport
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...the only man to ever lift a major trophy as the captain of England sadly passed away.

Nice piece by Jonathan Pearce:

RIP Bobby Moore.


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My goodness, what a man ,where has that 20 years gone ?
I can remember that day, 30th July '66 like it was yesterday, the steward of the Miners Welfare had brought his TV into the bar, no big screen TVs in those days, and there must have been two hundred guys crammed into the bar, when Bobby lifted that old pot there was a few seconds when you could have heard a pin drop then the room then the room erupted in a roar they they could have heard at Wembley.Sadly not too many of those boys still around but those of us of my age group who can remember that day in '66 will never forget them.
Even those of a slightly younger age still admire great footballers, well respected.
We were on a family holiday at Lossiemouth and Jimmy9401 being ex RN got us into the club on HMS Fulmar, at that time the fleet air arm base up yonder.
I don't recall if it was the final as such but remember everybody cheering and having a great old time at some England match or other in the tournament.

Jumpers for goalposts.......
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I remember watching a tribute programme to him a few years back when Harry Redknapp was saying he was meeting Bobby somewhere and was picking him up in the car, not long before he died.
Harry told how when he saw Bobby across the street he didn't want him to get into the car.
It was because Harry had started crying at the sight of his former team mate and how ill he looked.

I hope that tomorrow night at Upton Park will be a fitting tribute to the great man and that all the usual nastiness does not rear it's ugly head and besmirch his memory.
Many years ago I used to support Fulham and go to matches regularly.

Near the end of his career Bobby Moore came to the club and it was only when you watched him week after week you realised how good he was.

He made it look so simple (and I have played football and know it isnt).

He would tackle a player in the penalty box, stroll out with the ball, get near the half way line and then lay off and beautiful simple ball to one of his own players.

Opposition players never seemed to bother to try to tackle him as they just knew he would keep the ball and make them look foolish.

Such a brilliant player who made it look all so easy. Pure class.
time certainly flies, he was a very good footballer, and a role model for the game.
"...the only man to ever lift a major trophy as the captain of England sadly passed away. "

err not the only man, remember Martin Johnson? 2003? That is in real Football though!

Anyway RIP Bobby, Westham and England legend

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