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Tiger Woods - Team Player??

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MASS1961 | 00:26 Mon 01st Oct 2012 | Sport
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Do you think that he is a genuine team player?
Up to 1/2 hour before the end of the Ryder Cup he was going to take the glory for himself by winning the final game (he was 1 up on the final hole) and USA would win.
When he found out Martin Kaymer had retained it for Europe by drawing 14-14, there was nothing in it for him and he conceded to lose the hole and Europe win.

I just think he shouldn't be involved in team USA.


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I'm glad he was...he gifted me 730 quid bless him.
Do you not want Europe to win?
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Fair play to you Mick, I was going to find the odds of Europe winning but didn't get time.
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Course I did Howard, I've followed it all night and was almost jumping when Kaymer sunk his put, unbelievable result!, just got the feeling Tiger threw in the towel in when that happened.
Mass you had all night and this morning to get the 7/1 odds on Europe winning
I was stunned when he did it but, thinking about it some more, I think it was a very sporting gesture to give Molinari the putt. There was loads of noise and the American fans were leaving in droves in the background. Woods had missed his own putt and probably realised it wasn't really fair to ask Molinari to hold his.

When Jack Nicklaus gave Tony Jacklin a similar length putt in the 1969 Ryder Cup it was considered one of the greatest sporting concessions ever. It would be a shame if Woods' concession wasn't seen in a similar light.
The competition ended in a draw at 16 to 16 points, when America's Jack Nicklaus conceded a missable putt to Britain's Tony Jacklin at the 18th hole in one of the most famous gestures of sportsmanship in all of sport.
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Yeah Mick (so pleased for you??!!!) but with daughter here this weekend and priorities like clothes shopping etc I completely forgot, until it was too late. Huh!
I on the other hand, had my money on the draw at 10/1. Hole the flippin putt Tiger for a draw!
You woz robbed, maidup....

If I'd known about Mick's bet I'd have rung Tiger..................
On the contrary, it was a sporting gesture; indeed it would be bad form to require the opponent to hole a putt of a few feet in those circumstances. Let him and his team have the glory rather than forcing him to hole out.

Whether Woods is a natural team player is, however, debatable. Golf at that level is a solitary game and there's the distinct impression that Woods is, by nature , a loner and not one who appreciates being in a team or understands team spirit.

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Tiger Woods - Team Player??

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