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A Round Dozen

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SeaJayPea | 15:00 Sun 31st May 2009 | Sport
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The football season's over, so here are ten questions in other sports:

1 Which country's players have won most Wimbledon Men's Singles finals?

2 "Ladies should wear dresses, skirts or tailored trousers. Whilst inside the building, ladies should ensure that their shoulders are covered." Where do these rules apply?

3 Which sporting venue, world-famous in its event, was founded by Mr Douglas Bunn in 1960?

4 Since Paula Fudge set the original time when the event was first contested in 1981, only one other woman running for Britain has held the world 5000 metres record. Who is she?

5 In which Olympic sport was Bruce Dickenson, DJ, airline pilot and lead singer of Iron Maiden, once ranked seventh in the world?

6 Tiger Woods habitually wears red on the final day of any tournament. Who is the American lady golfer who is known as 'The Pink Panther' because she invariably wears that colour on the golf course?

7 Which is the only racehorse to have won the Aintree Grand National, along with the Scottish and Welsh versions of the race?

8 Which woman, ranked No 8 tennis player in the world in 1984, was the great granddaughter of a Canadian brewer?

9 Which jockey deservedly received the Queen's Commendation for Bravery in 2002 for saving Frankie Dettori's life after the plane crash at Newmarket in 2000 in which the pilot, Patrick Mackey, tragically lost his life?

10 Seven men have become Formula 1 World Champion while driving for the Williams team, who was the first?

And, the season may be over, but I can't resist this one:

11 In 1982, a footballer appeared on Top of the Pops twice in the same evening, performing on two different songs. Who was this?


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Question Author
I know, there's only eleven. I took one out and forgot to change the heading
Would 11 be Hoddle or Waddle?
Question Author
Right time, haggis, but wrong names. I'd have thought that, with a name like yours, you'd get it.

That's yer actual clue, that is.
5. Fencing.

11. I think was Steve Archibald (with Tottenham and then the Scottish World Cup Squad. With B.A. Robertson???)
Question Author
Spot on Judge, both right.
-- answer removed --
Question Author
Hi Steve, 1 & 2 both right. 7's wrong mate, sorry
3. Hickstead
4. Zola Budd?
9. Ray Cochrane
Question Author
Three out of three campbellking.

6,7,8 and 10 to get
8. Carling Bassett if memory serves?
Question Author
Carling Bassett is the right answer.

Good one Buzzie
6 Paula Creamer
10 alan jones
-- answer removed --
Question Author
dr b has both right. Just 7 to get
The answer to question 7 is Earth Summit.
Question Author
Good one boysinblue. That's spot on

All correct, good one chaps
Campbellking is not a 'chap'....well not at least when she last looked...
Question Author
Aaaagh. I'm sorry, campbellking. But where I come from, in recent years the word 'chaps' has come to mean 'people', 'folks' that sort of thing. I know of teachers who'll walk into a mixed class of students and say 'hello chaps' and nobody turns a hair.

I hope you weren't offended but, if you were, I apologise, unreservedly.

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