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where to park at old trafford tomorrow?

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pinkcowprint | 21:20 Wed 25th Jul 2012 | Sport
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Going to watch team gb tom night at old trafford,i am 8 month pregnant and will have a 4 tear old with us so cant walk too far?!thanks for any info..


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I'd park and ride if I were you
Apparently lots of car parks within 200 m of Ord Trafford, but can't remember the names

Manchester, boxy
Parking close may be very difficult and the tram stops aren't far but a bit of a walk and, depending on the crowds using them, it can be queues for tram tickets and very busy platforms and trams with people getting there.

You could go up earlier, Salford Quays is nearby and there are restaurants and other eateries in the Lowry Centre (some shops too). Not a good place to think about parking though, it's very sectioned off to residents' parking (I used to live there) and patrolled by local security at times. You can walk from there though it is further but may solve being on a busy tram (often people jammed on like sardines on match days).

Some of the buses do go up past there though (250/X50 to Trafford Centre) though I'm not sure of the affect on match days as I wouldn't go up that way on a match day if I could possibly help it. The 53 also goes near though it's a cross city bus, nowhere near as frequent but maybe more parking opportunities.

Another idea would be to park further up the Altrincham line and get the tram from further up in, likely to be less busy that the line coming out of town.
there are special restrictions in force , with your ticket it should explain that they want you to use public transport, this is free with your ticket.

due to security they want people to be there at least 2 hours before the start of the game as all people HAVE to go through body scanners like they have at the airport

you then will be searched again before you are let in the turnstile.

my best idea for you is to phone the cricket ground up in the morning and see if they have any spaces left and see if you can book a space

the area around the ground is sectioned off for security and the people who live near the ground have special olympic passes which are checked

i have been told this is happening now
I agree with Dr Filth - give Old Trafford a call and explain the situation.

I was going to be flippant and suggest Hampden after their stuff up tonight, but then your query suggests more consideration.....the only other way is perhaps a limo in and out to as close as possible ré dropping and pickup points.
top of map you can see football ground and at the bottom the cricket ground be warned with all the extra security this car park will soon fill up

. Media URL:,-2.285821&spn=0.006631,0.01929&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=6.737354,19.753418&hnear=Manchester,+United+Kingdom&t=h&z=16
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Thanks everyone..might park at trafford centre and get the bus,app only a 3 min walk fron dropoff to stadium then,according to olympic plan your journey..when does trafford centre car park shut tho?

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where to park at old trafford tomorrow?

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