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whats your opinion regarding jeremy peace?

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piggynose | 11:48 Mon 06th Feb 2012 | Sport
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Is he a little too careful? when it comes to giving the gaffer money


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I don't think swearing is aloud on here piggy.

He'll be the richest bloke in the graveyard that's for sure.
I think in this day and age a chairman who not only keeps the club solvent but in the premiership should be applauded.

He may not be the fans choice but Peter Risdale was at Leeds.

Good football, premiership, solvancy = Happiness
Dave it's the way he runs the club that annoys most Baggies fans,we have the money but he just takes it all for himself and doesn't even communicate with the supporters.
We aren't daft enough to expect him to spend what we haven't got it's just he never invests anything and would rather see us relegated so he can play with the parachute payments.
Bizarrely enough in his business plan he becomes more wealthy if we are relegated and bounce back up,which we've done several times....Not good for the blood pressure though!
With just a little more ambition we could become established in the Premier League but he won't do it...Mid table obscurity would suit us fine.
Semper te fallant.
"mid table obscurity" Your Mightiness? You'll be off to the Confessional.

Twelve "Hail Baggies" before your tea ;o)
Just thinking of my health Mr Builder....
Was it £9 million profit that West Brom made last year?
Somewhat bucks the trend among football clubs doesn't it?

I think he has been marvellous for the Albion, and the fans should be carrying him high on their shoulders down the Brummy Road.
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yo yo, no ta, or is it yam yam in dingleland?
He's that marvellous Hopkirk that todays shareholders meeting is being held in an office near his home in Mayfair London,instead of at the ground like usual.
A 9 am start despite the fact the 80% of the 600 shareholders live in the Midlands.
He didn't even reply to a letter from a shareholders representative asking him to reconsider this..He treats the supporters,media and just about anybody else with contempt whilst siphoning off money into his satellite companies.
He doesn't run the club to benefit the club,just himself.

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whats your opinion regarding jeremy peace?

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