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Saturday Punt - 9 March 2024

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Ken4155 | 12:51 Sat 09th Mar 2024 | Other Sports
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Despite keeping myself largely to myself last weekend, i managed to catch a bug that's going round. Starts off with burning nostrils, then terribly sore throat, hacking cough, sweats, etc, etc, etc.

Hardly managed a wink of sleep last night so i've taken all of 5 minutes with the ITV7 and subsequent L15. I just cannot be bothered looking for further bets;

1.50 San;  Champagne Twist @ 8/1 - 5 places

2.17 Her;   Ginderella @ 5/1 - 5 places

2.25 San;  Making Headway @ 13/2 - 6 places

3.15 Wol;  King's Code @ 15/2 - 4 places (RF/c with Final Voyage)

20p L15, 2 x £1 e.w. accas.4 placed = £55, 4 winners = £6,773.


ITV7; above qualifiers, plus Doctor Khan Junior, Crazierthandaisy and Kotmask. £1 e.w. acca.

Could have been worse; Son works away and he's come home with measles!

Hopefully fully recovered (me that is) by Tuesday.

Best of luck all.



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There was a thread for you in Chatterbank Ken. 

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Thanks for the nudge, Togo. Just been on and replied to it. Made me feel a tad better๐Ÿ˜‰

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Thanks for that, Togo. He's made into a grand old chap. Long may he continue to thrive.

Bets sorted and offf out for a wander Flowers to place for Mothers day and off for a pint. ITV7 done and split up into 2 bets **** E/W Acca, win Trebles and doubles. #### Win Acca, Trebles & Doubles. Good luck all.

Fire Flyer  @ 11/2  1.50S*
Ginderella  @9/2  2.17H*
Go Dante  @6/1  2.25S*
Dr Khan Junior  @3/1  2.40W#
Honky Tonk Highway   @7/2  3.00S#
Final Voyage   @7/1  3.15W#
Golden Son  @4/1  3.35S#

With*** Courtland @9/1  3.27Here*

That sounds awful, Ken.

Hopefully this bug will buggger off soon!

My OH was just listening to a song called 'Stumbling In' whilst looking at betting forecast, when a horse called Stumbling in, jumped out at him! ( pardon the pun) I said it's a sign, do it!.. ๐Ÿ˜„

Indeed Ken sound to me like he is still boss hos. 

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Patsy, i've done that quite a few times. Reading a news item when radio presenter mentions a phrase i have just read. I immediately look at the ABC to see if there's a coincidence. And i have been known to part with a few shilling e.w. if there is. They don't call us 'Mug Punters' for nothing๐Ÿ˜‰

Bit of a faff this end earlier Ken. Skybet did what they call a periodical security refresh and made me change my pin from a 4 to 6 number before letting me on. Guess what   ...  It also now applies to the ITV7 and Fantasy Football accounts. Just a heads up whilst you are feeling groggy. If you get any of those sky pins wrong you are locked out and it is a devil of a job to get the account open again. 

Well, let's hope we can prove them wrong this time, Ken!..๐Ÿ˜

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Togo, i've commented on it on your comment on the FF thread. Been with Skybet quite a few years and this is the first time they've had me change my password.

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Thanks to the extra places, both e.w. accas came good = £55

Same here Ken. Never had to change details, although about 4 years ago someone tried getting into my FF account and caused me a bit of grief. Had a rather good day all round. A nice 91/1 double which tripled my stake for the day. Stoke beat Preston(one of the oldest fixtures in English football). England beat Ireland in a heart stopping game and Italy won. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Saturday Punt - 9 March 2024

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