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Saturday Punt - 10 Feb 2024

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Ken4155 | 11:51 Sat 10th Feb 2024 | Other Sports
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Due to abandonements, the ITV 7 is now a fivefold with a jackpot prize of a mere £1K. However, it's free, as the man said, although i have thrown a quid at it in the form of a straight acca.

1.30 New;  Emiton

2.05 New;  Shiskin

2.30 Naas;  Union Station

2.40 New;  Boothill

3.15 New;   Lookaway

£1 acca for a poss £1,448

Will most likely stick Lookaway in a L15 with 3 others yet to be determined.

Best of luck, all.



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1.30 N'b;  Emiton @ 9/2

2.30 Na;   Union Station @ 5/1

3.05 Na;   Star Official @ 15/2 - 4 places

3.15 N'b;   Lookaway @ 9/1 - 7 places

Straightforward 20p Lucky 15, 2 x £1 e.w. accas (no win singles). 4 placed = £43, 4 winners £5,194.

And may Lady Luck bless all who sail in her😉

OK,Ken.Me and moneybags partner will bite.Another fiver we will never see again.

Question Author

You ought to be more like me, Myfanwy, and pick your own losers😉

As i've said in the past, ad nauseum, they are not tips and my level of confidence in my selections can be measured by the fact i haven't done the usual £5 win singles - not even £2 win singles. Just a £7 stake.

Best of luck though, and if they do all win, i will, of course, expect the usual 10% commision😊

Another strange day for the penny punter. Done the ITV5 and a small long odds ****acca or two. Lovely day here so off out for a walk etc. Good luck all.

Judicial Law  @11/1  1.30 Nb* 
Protektorat  2.05Nb
Spellacy's Cross  @250/1  2.30N*
Boothill  2.40 NB
Go Dante  @20/1  3.15Nb*

With***.    Fourtowns  @22/1  12.55Nb*. It have also done a very small mirror punt with ****those but in the 2.30Naas substituted Shraheen@250/1 for Spellacey's Cross. Mad I know but I chose my punt last nigh and didn't write it down. Couldn't remember which of the two I chose. Haha. 

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Saturday Punt - 10 Feb 2024

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