Saturday Punt - 27 Mar 2021

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Ken4155 | 12:15 Sat 27th Mar 2021 | Other Sports
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As if it wasn't hard enough trying to pick winners at Cheltenham, we now have the minefield that is the first day of the Flat Season with some very large field handicaps. Prior to the introduction of the all weather tracks, i used to do quite well following trainers who were known for getting them 'ready' first time up - Jack Berry, Bill O'Gorman & Mel Brittain are just 3 that spring to mind. The difficulty nowadays is second-guessing which horses can transfer their aw performances to grass. :-(

I'm just going to try and decipher the handicaps........i may be some time :-/


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1.25 Don; £5 win on Vintage Clarets @ 4/1 - stable farm this race

2.00 Don; Space Traveller @ 7/1
2.20 New; Cyclop @ 8/1 (4 places)
2.35 Don; Amaysmont @ 10/1 (7 places)
3.25 New; Marada @ 6/1 (5 places)

Win singles, 20p Lucky 15, £1 e.w. acca. 4 placed = poss £33, 4 winners = poss £5,703.

ITV 7; The 3 above qualifiers, plus Al Zaraqaam, Hudson De Grugy, Danyah and Just Frank. £1 e.w. acca.

Looking at some reverse forecasts.

Be lucky, all :-)
You mean it was hard to pick horses that didn't win at Cheltenham? ;-)
By Gold Cup day I was feeling rather sorry for the bookies. sob
Know what you mean about 'the first day' of the flat. It's lost something. Still glad we have the A/W although I didn't like it at all when it first came out.
Just heard Frank Worthington died. Liked him. Guess most blokes did.
Nothing 'leapt out' to me at Donny so put 4 outsiderish ones in e/w L15.
Did [email protected]/1- Kempton 2:45 in case he has a going day. Probably do a couple at Meydan, Lord Glitters again? Steve Asmusson's F/C with the Japanese [email protected]:40. Good luck all.
The flat is back, all we need now is the warm weather and a crowd back on course. I have stuck with horses that I have followed before in the absence of any form clues. Done the ITV7 as ya do but done my punt on the ****4 flat runners in there. £1 Acca e/w Trebles and Doubles, with a little double on the ⁕⁕2 Newbury runners. Will also do e/w singles on the bigger priced runners at Doncaster. Good luck if you have a punt.

Space Traveller* @7/1 2.00D
Al Zaraqaan 2.15K
Poet's Lady* @9/1 2.35D
One True King⁕ @9/2 2.50Nb
King Ottoker* @14/1 3.10D
Marada⁕ @6/1 2.25Nb
Brando* @6/1 3.45D
I was reading about the new initiative from the Gambling Commission.
Nanny state on steroids, imo.
Bet as little as £100pm and the bookie can/must? launch an investigation into your finances. Not something I'd co-operate with. (which will see your account closed)
If people lose more than they can afford, it's unfortunate but it's also their business. (been there, got the t-shirt*)
*Could afford it, just had to do a few more 12hr shifts with no fags or grub. Then repeat, repeatedly. (also had months on holiday, gratis the bookies.
All pointless anyway, I reckon, unless you chaps can see a point to it that I'm missing. 'Problem' gamblers will just be driven 'underground' which could lead to much worse problems.
I tried to open a Coral account a few weeks ago, just to bet unnamed Favs when the feeling took me.
They accepted my application and deposit but then before my first bet said they had to do an enhanced check on me (lol, all for a few 50p Yanks)
Wanted my passport details and some other weird stuff that I thought intrusive. Told them not to bother and just return my deposit. I'm not trying to hide anything, honest. ;) Just not desperate to have an account with them.
Yay. Top Rank was my first in the L15. (and last, I expect)
That Al Zaraqaan looks like a top notch hoss.
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Spice, i closed my PaddyPower account last year when they asked me for proof of my age. I'd had the account since 2010!
I was right about Top Rank being the only one in the frame. ;-(
Then my old neighbour came around for a chat (1hr) then someone rang me.....for an hour.
Maybe they saved me money, who knows.
I'll have to concentrate on the evening racing for a peaceful bet.
See Henderson has a £570,000 newcomer in the Bumper (won it's PTP in Ireland) Thought jump racing was for us poor folk. Be interesting to watch.
Yes, ken, and the irony is they're treating us like children.
How much is Gov. interference and how much is them covering their backsides, I don't know.

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