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Would You Pay £12,000 For A Cricket World Cup Ticket?

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Canary42 | 15:12 Thu 17th Jan 2019 | Other Sports
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Personally I wouldn't pay the original price £115 but I'm only a luke warm cricket fan. But £12k seems ridiculous.

Redolent of a couple of recent threads about whether, if the punter is prepared to pay, it's OK.

But would you pay that much ?


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Not a hope in hell.
I would not buy any ticket from Viagogo
Blatant profiteering. Go on the day and you’re bound to get one more cheaply. It is a rip-off even for MCC members who have had to pay when the normal conditions are that you pitch up and show your pass.
I might go as high as £2.50 if someone who thought cricket was interesting wanted company. Would likely cost me a fortune in magazines and tinnies though.
I wouldn't pay 12 grand for a car, mate. Let alone a ticket.
Only a thought but aren’t we a bit early for April 1?

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Would You Pay £12,000 For A Cricket World Cup Ticket?

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