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In which division are the team you support in?

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AB Editor | 10:45 Fri 11th Feb 2011 | Football
31 Answers

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In which division do the team you support currently play their football?

  • Premier League - 7 votes
  • 78%
  • Championship - 1 vote
  • 11%
  • League 1 - 1 vote
  • 11%
  • League 2 - 0 vote
  • 0%
  • Blue Square Premier - 0 vote
  • 0%
  • SPL - 0 vote
  • 0%
  • Other - 0 vote
  • 0%

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can't vote either - bit like the UK elections here but it isn't closing time yet
I cant vote, but I would say A: prem
Wonder what happened with the voting?
I dont mind saying what my vote would be (although no point now) but a straw poll should be anon unless you want to post that is.
Liverpool so Premier League for me too.
liverpool for me - grew up in the NW and the first match was the derby at Goodison. Giving the fact that the guy who took the old man and I was an Evertonian, I had to support the Reds. Was 12......

first cricket match was Old Trafford Aussies vs England but no want to become a Man Utd fan.....incredible thing was that my village would send a bus down to Manchester for each home match, only a total population of 2500 and some 2 hrs to Old Trafford back then, now it can be done in the hour.
O well SPL for me -lone voice.
St. Johnstone.....................(altho anyone but Rangers)
Like to see Blairgowrie Juniors winning though (won £400 first week ii went into their sweepie last year so still pay cos I feel guilty lol)
Premiership at the present. If they don't pull their finger out it will be Championship next year. ;-(
The first British team to win the European Cup play in the SPL.
Premier league, but not been in the top flight for years but have won all the lower leagues.
I was born in wolves, lived 4 miles from the ground and support wolves.
my local team and my kids are wolves :)
A .Premier League

21 to 31 of 31rss feed

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In which division are the team you support in?

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