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Scottish referees vote for strike action

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steg | 21:17 Sun 21st Nov 2010 | Football
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"Fixtures in Scotland face possible postponement next weekend after Category One referees voted to strike."

"officials are concerned that their integrity is constantly being questioned and there are increasing fears over personal safety as a result of public criticism from managers and the media."

what do you think would be the reaction if english premiership refs went on strike?


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please God, let them go on strike......if it was Rugby, now that would be different
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lol, there is no respect in Scottish football, it is still us and them.
It is funny though that Celtic are moaning the most about refs up here, when every one knows that the Old Firm usually come off best, when dodgy decisions are about
Refs have a split second to make their mind up about decisions and for that reason they do get things wrong. It is easy to criticise when everything can be seen in slow motion by the TV Cameras because they can highlight every bad decision taken by the Ref. They need modern day Technology such as Goalmouth Cameras to ascertain when the Ball has crossed the line when in doubt.
Who would be a Referee when Managers, Supporters and TV viewers want to keep putting the boot in !!
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The refs are going on strike this weekend, they are bringing in foreign officials for the Scottish Premier matches and the cup final match in Perth
Lennons bang out of order.Sad day when the fanatics are threatening death on the ref just cos of that wee twerp-he should be gagged.
I'm a bit gutted tbh that they have drafted in refs -I can see that its pragmatic and the loss of revenue etc etc not forgetting fitting in fixtures but without a ref you dont have a match so they should be penalising Lennon and the ilk and not the ref.Bl00dy hard job for little or no return -do you think he goes home on a Saturday night and rubs his hands and sasy good day the day! No chance as he'll have p!ssed someone off....

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Scottish referees vote for strike action

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