title now over for liverpool

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NORMANTHEDOG | 19:07 Sun 22nd Feb 2009 | Football
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after todays result it looks very much like Man utd have won the title,Liverpool have just thrown too many points away at home and its cost them dearly,torres and gerrard being out injured at crucial times,and Rafa again just cant hack it ,im afraid,what are your views.


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Liverpool are too reliant on Torres and Gerrard and without them, they're a bit ordinary.

I think Rafa will go by the end of the season, he's had long enough.
what happens if Liverpool beats manure at old Trafford??
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whitebear, can you see that happening,Utd have to lose 3 games and liverpool win all theirs,no way jose.
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Speaking from the bottom looking up :-(
Perhaps all those ready to call for Benitez's head should wait until the end of the season.
If United win it (as seems likely) by a wide margin then even if the scousers had won more of their drawn games they wouldn't have won it.
Man U are by far the best side this season..Just accept the fact and in the words of our manager.....move on!
There can only be one winner,just be grateful you ain't going to Doncaster next season! Boing Boing!!
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anything could happen at old trafford against l/pool,, and man city have got to go there yet,if we[ city]play like wedid on sunday against l/pool we will be happy with a draw.
everyone was saying that city would get hammered at anfield,well,we didn`t,we should have won,and as for anyone slagging off bellamy,he is coming along pretty well.
we beat you on the anniversary of munich disaster 2-1,i am sure we could do it again,or a draw will do.
liverpool have bottled it,they have lost a 10 point lead by playing bad,they are out of english cups,cant see them beating real.
they need some fresh players,and not always relying on torres,gerrard,kuyt,
Speaking from 'nearly the bottom' looking up, you have to say Man Utd have it in the bag. Even if Liverpool do manage to win at Old Trafford, that still won't be enough, i think it'll take a collapse of mammoth proportions just like Newcastle did (*&^(*^&(*^&(***&)(*.............anyway.......

Simple fact is Liverpool have drawn too many at home against lesser opposition. Add 2 points onto home draws for each of Fulham, Stoke, Man City, West Ham and they would of had 8 more points.

West Brom broke the golden rule christmas day 2004, by being bottom of the league at xmas and staying up by the end of the season. Had never been done before
For some reason, these words keep popping into my mind...

I am talking about facts. Maybe (Manchester United) were not thinking that we would be at the top of the table in January. But we are top of the table and they are nervous.
Said this so many times and here it is again......Kuyt , lacks pace and goal scoring ability. Lucas..not really up to it. Keane, good deal for Spurs but why did Liverpool buy him?
Liverpool lackrd penetration and width of play.....remember Steve Heighway and Case?

Not a Man U supporter so no axe to grind.
I thought the Big 4 was bad.

I confidently predict that Chelsea will pip Liverpool for second. We're seeing the creation of a top two.

Anyone who thinks that's a good thing - even Man Utd or Chelsea supporters - needs their head examining. We're going to end up like Scotland...
Quinlad, I think that back in the 90s and early 2000s there were a top two, Utd and Arsenal. Then the top four evolved but yes I agree; over the course of a season Utd and Chelsea seem streets ahead of the other two.
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title now over for liverpool

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