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Klopp To Pack It In At Ed Of Season

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Ken4155 | 13:05 Fri 26th Jan 2024 | Football
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Jurgen Klopp has announced this will be his last season at Liverpool, saying that he is running out of energy. Can't do newspaper links - only youtube, so perhaps someone could post a link. TVM.



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Wonder who they'll replace him with, big boots to fill.

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They won't be short of applicants, that's for sure. And, although he has only just announced it, perhaps he told those 'upstairs' of his decision some time ago. In which vcase, they're most likely already looking at other managers.

November apparently 'them upstairs' were told.

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Ta for the link, Brainiac. No doubt the press will have a feeding frenzy on just who might be their next 'gaffer'. And, according to Oddschecker, the odds-on jolly to replace him is Xabi Alonso, current in charge at Bayer Leverkusen.

As long as it's not Gerrard or (God forbid) Mourinho

Perhaps Klopp will be appointed at Watford - for a few weeks.

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Don't be silly, Hoppy. No-one lasts THAT long at Watford😊

Shame, he seems like a really good manager, and a really nice guy.

Liverpool won't take Mourinho I'm sure, his pattern or arriving in a blaze of glory, annoying everyone, and getting paid off, is becomeing tedious now.

He has over £60 million in pay-offs, it's time people realised he's actually not all that anymore.

Always leave at the right time with people wanting more. Why are you leaving is better than When are you leaving.

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"Why are you leaving" is also better than "You are leaving."😉

As a United fan I can't say I'm gutted, as I do respect what he's done for Liverpool. However it might give the team an even further push to match United's 20 Top flight League titles.

Copied from another thread I posted on.

Next Barcelona manager?

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Klopp To Pack It In At Ed Of Season

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