England V Scotland – Grant Hanley

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joeluke | 21:40 Fri 11th Nov 2016 | Football
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God help the Jocks if Hanley is one of the 2 centre backs they have available, might help if he learned to actually head the ball properly

When I use to play the game someone like him would be described as ‘having a head like a fifty pence piece’


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I have given up with England Joe but go on, how are we doing?
For goodness sake :-(
Ok, I saw the chance and Joe is right. Lol
Err 3-0 I need Scotland to score now for a 40-1 punt.
Come on Scotland then!
Too late randy, thanks for the gesture though .
Question Author
3-0 up and cruising

Prepare for idiot Jocks rampaging through the streets of London and causing trouble tonight!
Still time Anne and the Scotland fans will have a good time regardless.
Question Author
Aye - see above!
And england fans will go straight home to bed eh Joe ?
Hey Joe? Is there a song somewhere?
I must be older than you Joe, in my day it was a head like a threepenny bit!
Head like a juicy melon... gosh I think Gareth has being playing sensible soccer on the training pitch.
Question Author
No they’ll be celebrating a very easy win Anne

Jock fans ALWAYS disgrace themselves when they come south of the border

• Rangers fans caused 'mayhem' at final in 2008
• Manchester suffered 'worst night of destruction since blitz'
England fans don't too well abroad re behaviour Joe ?
Come on Joe England fans are not exactly choir boys.
Ah, gutted Togo
Ahh well 20-1 for Sturridge and 3-0 scorecast will have to do. :))
I quite miss the days when England fans were regularly hosed off the streets of European city-centres!
Xenophobic, small-minded, repetitive, sad, boring, stereotyping, braying and many others are words yet to be used when describing the considered opinions of some on here.

There is though no question that the Andy Murray effect doesn't influence the kick-ballists in Scotland.

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England V Scotland – Grant Hanley

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