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Quelle surprise. What a wally !!
100% success record, not bad at all.
Pub question for the future av. Who is the only England manager with a 100% record?
At least he has a 100% record
^double snap !
what a dick--head.
come on, you guys, keep up
Question Author
Yep, can't fault that record !.
-- answer removed --
He was baited and stitched up by the Telegraph.

I hope everyone boycotts the Telegraph.
nah, Allardyce is incapable of tackling their cryptic or Sudoku - if so, he'd sell it to the Far or Middle East.
Question Author
I hope everyone boycotts the Telegraph.

I have done all my life, jj.
despite their favourable views of Villa's performance? Back in 1982 of course.....
Question Author
Oh hang on, I must have seen that DT.
Are there paper archives on-line now for that era, tony? How are you and the crew, by the way?
Question Author
I'll have to have a look when I get a chance, DT.
Fine thanks, DT. Hope you are to.
yeah, okay here.......
despite someone who thinks she is Sam Allardyce and about to leave for the Far East!
Agree with JJ - he's been a complete wally but he was so set up.

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Sam Allardyce To Leave England Job

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