Vehice Tax Verp[Ayment Of £499.53P - Scam ?

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pumpjack | 10:17 Thu 23rd Aug 2018 | Spam & Scams
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We would like to notify you that you still have an outstanding vehicle tax refund of £499.53 from an overpayment.

Refunds are time limited, please use link below to complete your refund now.

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Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency


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A nice Nigerian chappy will take your bank details ...
Do you own an HGV because they are the only type of vehicles that come anywhere near having to pay that amount in vehicle tax in the first place!
We don't pay vehicle tax...
...and if you were due a refund from any government department, it wouldn't be "time limited"....
This link appears to show reports of variations on the theme:-
Just send all your bank details and you'll get a nice little surprise!
Question Author
" Just send all your bank details and you'll get a nice little surprise! "

thanks roopower

do i also send home address as i have just got another email back from them asking me for extra information
Yes, scam.
Don't forget to include NINO, Inside Leg Measurement, Knicker Size, Card No + CVV and PIN - and of course, your Mother's Maiden Name.

Better still - just delete the messages, add sender/domain to spam/black list and if you run a "washer" prog - bounce it.

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Vehice Tax Verp[Ayment Of £499.53P - Scam ?

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