Was Jesus a spaceman?

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Seafarer1966 | 18:29 Mon 25th Feb 2008 | Religion & Spirituality
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Was Jesus an extra-terrestrial?


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Not sure about Jesus, but I'm absolutely convinced the biblical God was. What do you think?
I would have to say that God being an extra-terrestrial makes sense. I would be inclined to think that Jesus was human as were the many other prophets.
there's no evidence to say jesus or god were spacemen
To seriously consider the possibility that God was a visitor from another planet, we have first to abandon completely all pre-conceived notions taught to us by religion. I see the bible, fundamentally, as a history book, and if, just for arguments sake, we assume that it is, we have to ask 'who was this being the ancients worshipped as a God?' Personally, I don't believe the authors invented him. I believe that he, and all the other Gods of ancient literature, existed, but that the people who wrote the accounts had no way of understanding the advanced technology they witnessed, or indeed, technology of any description, and therefore viewed these 'magical' beings as Gods.

Perigra, you say there's no evidence, but there is so much on this earth that we can't explain. The bible,and other ancient texts, speak of flying machines, and the ancients drew depictions of flying machines. If the authors had never seen such things, and had no conception of such things, where did they get their ideas? And just take a look at the megalithic structures dotted around the earth, constructed with stones of unimaginable size and weight. I would say there is a plethora of evidence. Sadly, since we're all convinced that our 'time' is the only real time, and therefore the idea of people from other planets visiting earth in the distant past must be impossible (or even if we do consider it, won't speak out for fear of ridicule) we don't seriously consider it. I don't believe it is impossible - in fact I think it's highly probable. I've searched, and I can find no other logical explanation.
that idea has been around for a few years, here's a book I remember reading in the mid 70's: ods
I am talking about 1400 years ago.
But naomi, we know where 'God' came from.

Until about 3000 years ago the Jews worshiped several gods. JWYH (spellings vary) was a minor god of southern Israel only. Then the Jews decided to become monotheistic and chose JWYH over his northern rivals, El and Baal.

So did El and Baal also arrive by spaceship? And what about the 2500 gods listed and described in Michael Jordan's book The Encyclopedia of Gods?
Our skies must have been crowded with spaceships, scattering gods like confetti!
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Legend 758 - In that regard I am with you. I have said so many times here that why are people wasting their energy on something which still no one has managed to un-cover. And I am talking about people with all the latest equipment. I am sure our knowledge comes through their research. I believe what I believe with my faith and so does the other people. When the truth would come people would change their mind. Still few would not do that but then it is their problem.

Why can we not talk here about social & material problems which are engulfing our day to day life, instead of arguing over people�s beliefs.
Keyplus I'm not talking about life on other planets - I'm saying that God - and the angels - were people from other planets.

Incidentally, there were legends of flying machines and space travel long before the Koran surfaced. Its accounts aren't original.

Yes, Chakka, Most of the Gods of legend came from the skies - and I believe there's some basis of truth in most legends. Ridicule all you like, Chakka, you old devil, but the fact is that no one knows what happened in the past, not even you. Who's to say there weren't civilisations on other planets 10,000 years ago that were already 10,000 years ahead of us as we are today as far as technology goes? Our minds are so very limited by our concept of our own 'time', and by our enormous arrogance in assuming that we're absolutely the bees knees in intelligence and the very last word in civilisation. Nothing could possibly be more intelligent than us, could it? Personally, I think we're only 'also rans', and very poor ones at that.

The crowded skies argument is a bit weak, isn't it? I hear you chuckle wickedly, Chakka, old chap, but it won't work. No one said all these visitors came at once, or even one 'person' to a craft - and since there are similar stories spanning the globe, they certainly didn't all come to the same place.

We ought to be talking about the possibility that Jesus was extra-terrestrial. Sorry Seafarer.

Naomi - When you find any other book, where accounts appeal to you better than Quran then let me know and I would read that as well.

I am sure you would have a huge collection as you sound very sure.
Question Author
Thankyou to most of you for intelligent responses. Naomi you're a treasure! Leg please go back to Chatterbank and continue to post your mind numbingly tedious dross i.e. your post a few weeks ago was 'what colour tutti fruttis do you prefer?'

Thankyou to 4GS for the Chariots of the Gods link...wonderful stuff! The further wikipedia link to the Antikythera Mechanism is really interesting. Worth a read.

For some reason I was thinking just now about a more recent historical civilisation, the Vikings. Their visions of Thor flying through the air as a burning thunderbolt could have been extra terrestrial craft who knows...either that or they were tripping off their faces on all the fly agaric hallucinogenic mushrooms they were eating.
Keyplus 4GS' suggestion of Chariots of the Gods is a good one to start with. Also Return to the Stars. They both give lots of references to other reading.

Seafarer Thank you for that. I'd add Thor and Odin too. And Zeus & Co. And Quetzalcoatl - and all the gods of legend.

I've posted this before, but it might be of interest to you. tml

Scroll right down to the bottom - there are some intriguing pictures on there.
Naomi - What can I learn from Chariot of God, It was declared fabricated and fraudulent. And even author himself later admitted to have poured in incorrect information purposely. It says all there at the bottom.

But any way I have some reading for you to do. You might be able to find yourself somewhere there. m
Rarely has such a patronising attitude got my back up..........but you have succeeded, Keyplus90.

Your proselytising is only to be expected of your particular faith and you will brook no argument or rebuttal with regard to a single word in your holy book.

For every sceptic academic we can produce in support of our position, you produce several to support yours.........but you only recognise the legitimacy of 'your' academics.............

I'm sure that there are many fundamental (with the emphasis on the last two syllables) Christians and respected academics (See 'Hutton Gibson') who have provided literary and scientific tracts upon their faith..........their impartiality can hardly be relied upon, can it ? In the same way that muslim academics can hardly be expected to come to their subject with the degree of impartiality one ought to expect from an academic.

I don�t really go for the whole idea of paratheology, although perhaps Mary was abducted and probed/implanted by an extra-terrestrial God. That would certainly solve the mystery of the Virgin birth.
Keyplus What can you learn from it? If you never read it, you'll never know, will you?

Some of it was incorrect, that's true, but very little, and by no means all as you imply. You are prone to exaggeration when it suits you, aren't you Keyplus? Yet again we have something upon which you can only offer someone else's opinion. Nevertheless you do it as though it were your own, but how can you possibly presume to judge that of which you personally have no knowledge? Have you actually investigated this book? No, you haven't.

Tell me, just what books have you read on anything other than Islam?

Jack, There's none so blind and all that.
Did he come from Uranus?

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