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Ode To The Looney Orchestra

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luna-tic | 11:58 Sat 22nd Dec 2007 | Religion & Spirituality
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This is not a question, Just thought it may bring a smile to those involved(cast your minds back) and Wiz, if you're there, Here's to you my friend.

'Twas the eve before Christmas
And not a mouse did stir
Except for a faint rumble
In a basement was heard

`The Looney Orchestra' played with fire
And frying pan aswell
They were really cookin' man
The last supper before Noel

A carols in the making
Naomi puffed on paper and comb
Wiz is groovily shaking
His maracas to and fro-Oh!

Mani's bass playing is notorious
He bathes in the light so glorious
But his skill comes not from the almighty's hand
Just twangin' on a shoebox
And some rubber bands

Luna jumped in
Making an awful din
Clanking spoons on knobbly knees
And just to add
To this noise so bad
Was a voice like a bagpipe squeezed

Theland wielded the baton
Conducting this orchestra so refined
He trusted in Jesus
And three bottles of wine

So, come on folks!
Just remember
When our carol service appears
To open up your doors
And cover up your ears


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Haaaaaa! Brilliant Luna. Thank you - and a very happy Christmas to you. x
Question Author
Thank you Naomi and I hope you have a super Christmas too. x
Naomi: "Put another yule log on the fire Luna, for the snow lays round about."

Luna: "Certainly Dear. Did you notice if it was deep and crisp and even?"

Naomi: "Well it must be, for it is the Feast Of Stephen."

Luna: "No Dear, not, 'it is,' but 'tis, because, 'tis Christmas, and you must say, 'tis"

Naomi: " 'ave you been on the Vino Collapso again?"

Luna: "Not me Dear, I'm sticking with the Egg Nog!"

Naomi: "Anyway, you're wrong, 'tis not 'tis, 'tis 'twas, like, twas the night before Christmas and all round the house .... get the idea?"

Luna: "Oh! 'Twas wot I dun wrong not very Christmassy then?"

Naomi: "Luna! You sure you're feeling O.K.?"

Luna: "I'm walking in the air ......."

Naomi: "Oh No! A flipping snowman!"

Merry Christmas to our great double act, Naomi and Luna, and to you all, God bless.
Merry christmas to all people in religion and spirituality,

and all the best for the new year... ..................
Question Author
Thank you Theland, I wish you a Merry Christmas :0)
Question Author
I hope you have a smashing time `many Jo's'.
Thanks Theland. - that's good - and tis good to hear from you. :o)

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Ode To The Looney Orchestra

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