Going off in all directions?

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naomi24 | 20:01 Mon 12th Mar 2007 | Religion & Spirituality
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Have you noticed that whenever a controversial question is asked, we all plough in with out own ideas and it's never long before we forget what we're supposed to be answering? If you look at almost any long thread, the subject rarely ends up as it began, and a lot of valid and interesting points are lost in the process. Do you think we ought to try to stick to the subject, and if another issue raises its head during the course of debate, post it as a separate question?


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I think threads take on a life of their own.
Yes it can be annoying but I dont think there's anything you can do about it.

I've noticed that all the religiousy type questions always turn into arguments for the existance/non-existance of God.
Hello naomi, I think it is a gradual and natural progression when someone who is closely following a debate on here will sometimes jump in with another question. Having said that I would also add that to keep the "Religion & Spirituality" section alive; If we see the answers at hand going too far astray from it's path and more questions are arising then I think it should be up to the postee to say,
"Whoa ! Let's get back to the original question but make a note and forward any other interesting tangents to another day".
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Hi Llamatron, it doesn't annoy me, but I do often think it's a shame that ideas and thoughts raised midway through a heated discussion go by the board and become forgotten.

Hi Luna - maybe you've hit on the answer with your "Whoa!". Better keep the notepads handy!
It's not easy to stick to the subject, at least in answering points, when one is asked a particular question.
I would love to tell people about Jesus Christ, but then somebody asks me about Noahs Flood or Pharoahs inability to make right moral choices, and so I try to respond, but then we are off in a different direction.
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Morning Theland, no I know it's not easy to stick to the question - we all go off at a tangent and lose sight of the original subject - and I'm just about to do it again, so hang on to your hat! If you're referring to the question I asked a few days ago, it concerned god's apparent inability to release the Israelites from slavery without resorting to envoys and a series of ghastly plagues - not as you would have it, Pharoah's inability to make the right moral choices. Just a tiny bit of spin there, eh Theland?
naomi - I think that at times it is entirely justified to go off on a tangent. As in the example you quoted.
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Thank you Theland.

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