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You may have the idea of Islam for £5. That's my best offer.

It's great, you can pray 5 times a day, you get to kill anyone who disagrees with you. Sadly though anything you find enjoyable is banned. But I guess that will make you angry enough to do the really buy in. You can use the hijri calendar that is based on the moon so therefore 11 days out each year so all your seasons will be wrong most of the time. You can beat and rape your wife and she will be stoned to death if she complains. However you will be allowed to eat in Alli's Snackbar where all infidels are banned. Oh almost forgot you can execute your daughter if she falls in love with an unapproved person. If you adhere to these rules you will go to heaven and be presented with 70 virgins. I think you'll love it.

I can't, I don't know enough about it.

Question Author

How is it Islamaphobic to stand against this

Will certain ABers even watch it?

As I though...their silence is deafening. 


surprised no one else tried to sell you the fluffy bunny wonder religion roy!

In Islam you die for God

In Christianity, God died for you

But in both - you still die.

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Islam...sell Me The Idea Of

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