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Are Lefties A Gift From God?

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ToraToraTora | 22:26 Tue 19th Apr 2022 | Religion & Spirituality
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Now I am a confirmed atheist but must confess to having doubts of late. I am having so much fun exposing lefties for what they are I am starting to think there must be some sort of deity.


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Seriously, what's a lefty according you?
If lefties are a gift from God then it follows that, conversely, right-wingers must have been provided to us by the Devil.

Having read some of your posts, TTT, that's now starting to make sense ;-)
Just choked on my wine ^^^^
Nah,God doesnt involve herself with politics,3T.She prefers tea and cucumber sandwiches in an eternal summer English country garden and wistfully wishes to herself she wishes she could be Scottish.
And here was I thinking that trolling was against the Site Rules, but as this post is basically Tora boasting about his trolling activities, I can only assume I was mistaken.
Righties are a gift of God.
The Arch Bishop of Canterbury exposed their cant and ungodliness recently.
'Now I am a confirmed atheist' ????
Atheists have a Confirmation Ceremony too ?
Oh dear, another one believing their own headlines, Walter.

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