Schizophrenia And Religion

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nailit | 18:02 Mon 28th Mar 2022 | Religion & Spirituality
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I have a friend that ive known for 40 yrs.
He is a (now, controlled) schizophrenic.
But his religiousosity perturbs me sometimes!

Ive read somewhwere that schitzophrenics are prone to religious
Can anyone point me to this study?
Thank you.


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Google, Library ?
Religion, Spirituality, and Schizophrenia: A Review
Sandeep Grover, Triveni Davuluri, and Subho Chakrabarti

Then pick up on their sources, which they list at the end of the paper
Question Author
Thanks Doug and Rowen.....
Interesting, please come back with what you find... I personally wouldn't take it too seriously, as most schizophrenics aren't religious, and obviously, most religious people aren't schizophrenic.
But, there is a potential overlap, where there is confusion with reality.
In case you want further examples, where schizophrenia is prevalent- and beliefs come above truth...
yeah sandeep and devalura's paper looks quite good
more common in C19 apparently - religious mania....

er that is about it....
yeah I was gonna say that
hadnt realised I already had

religious delusions were MUCH commoner in the C19, and so was catatonia
Peter; was spontaneous combustion more common then? Don't seem to hear much about it these days.
Mostly oily rags and haystacks nowadays, Atheist, possibly due to less nylon about the place.
Question Author
Back in the 50's and 60's UFO sightings were more prevalent.
In the 80's crop circles had their day
in medieval times inncubus and succabus had their day.
In the 1800's Spiritualism had its day,
The witch hunts had its day
its all had its day....
Question Author
Quiet possibly the wrong thread...
But im not so sure at this conjecture in time...
Aye, even Doris.
Peter; was spontaneous combustion more common then?

Dickens got a lot of it right over Krook in Bleak house.

mental floss says it was 100y before BUT others say there was a contemporary case

Dupuytren ( 1830) - he asked ! atheist asked!
suggest the real sequence of events

and.... you need a dead person, an external wick ( Dupuytren realised clothes wd do) , an external fire source ( candle and or fire) and....a closed room with low oxygen
( so it is a slow burn, O2 less than 21%, and the incomplete products of combustion gloop around the walls) VERY well described by Dicko

so more common - - - well er - more people ( 6 bn in the world) so more cases poss. is anyone counting?

the wiki article
is really not bad. Ignore the subatomic particle called the pyrotron and a few other bits
Believing in something where there is not a single jot of proof, absolute zero proof, must be form of madness, isn’t it?
DD; are you referring to Sp Comb? Or Schiz and relig?
DD; Ah! You're referring to religious belief! Maybe not madness. Life is hard and scary, and it's natural to seek some kind of meaning for reassurance.
Question Author
//Believing in something where there is not a single jot of proof, absolute zero proof, must be form of madness, isn’t it? //

Even more so when there is not a ''best answer''
showing at this side of the screen...
no it is faith or part of

believing because you see it ( thomas didymus, the doubter who put his hand in...) is science fact

the christ film with Fiennes is worth a look at Eastertide
good demo about how his faith is informing how he sees....

good scenes wivda Roman commander shouting - "dig them all up, I wanna see them all it doesnt matter how they smell!"

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